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About Our Worship

Centered on God’s Word - Participatory - Authentic

Worship is the active process of entering into the presence of a holy, loving, and living God whereby His attributes are acknowledged, His Word is honored, and His power is experienced. Undoubtedly, it is a tremendous privilege that God has bestowed on us. In the words of John Calvin, a theologian-pastor of the Reformation, “we should consider it the great end of our existence to be found numbered among the worshipers of God.” What a statement!

At First Presbyterian Church, we hope to accomplish several things in worship. First and foremost, we believe that everything we do should be centered on God’s Word. Thus, we will preach the Bible, pray the Bible, sing the Bible, and read the Bible. Why? Because it is where we find the grace and love of God. Also, our worship will be participatory. By this, we mean that from beginning to end, God’s people will be actively engaged in the worship of their Creator. We also desire to present the grand story of redemption clearly and truthfully because we are real brokenness and sin who need a real Savior.

However, this does not answer what seems to be the most common question of all: Is your worship contemporary or traditional? Keeping the worship principles discussed previously in mind, our desire is to embrace the future while remaining connected with the church in ages past. On one hand, our tradition is rich and Biblical and should not be forgotten. On the other hand, we must communicate the gospel in ways that our contemporary culture and context will understand.